Emergency Preparedness Home Kit, Add On - EA

Product Code: KIT-122-231-000
Manufacturing ID: EPK-ADDON

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Our front line workers are integral in the fight against COVID-19. Given this, our current priority is to supply them with the safety products they need as fast as possible, which may lead to delays on your order. Thank you for your patience!

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This mini-kit has all the needed supplies for an additional person

The SJA Emergency Preparedness Basic Kit comes complete with everything one person needs for three days - but what if you're a couple? Or a family of three? You don't need three radios or three sets of extra batteries - but you definitely need more food, water, blankets, etc. for each added person. This mini-kit has all the needed supplies for an additional person - you can buy as many as you wish, transforming your basic kit for one into a complete kit for the entire family! (Image may not reflect actual product)

Emergency Preparedness On Kit Includes: 

1 Emergency Foil Blanket
1 Emergency Food Bar (3600 cal)
1 Emergency Poncho
1 Flashlight
1 N95 Face Mask
1 Wallet First Aid Kit
1 Whistle
1 Work Glove / pairs
2 Vinyl Gloves / pairs
3 Light Stick 
4 Plastic Zipper Bag
8 Emergency Water (125ml)