WorkSafeBC ETV Equipment Package - EA

Product Code: KIT-102-000-000
Manufacturing ID: ETV EQUIPT

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Our front line workers are integral in the fight against COVID-19. Given this, our current priority is to supply them with the safety products they need as fast as possible, which may lead to delays on your order. Thank you for your patience!

Organizations can determine the minimum level of first aid required depending on the annual assessment of the workplace where employers identify the number of workers, hazard rating and surface time to the nearest hospital. In case the requirement calls for an emergency transport vehicle, the employer should note that the vehicle should be immediately available, have a minimum of 3.3ft headroom, and have means of effective communication onboard. The package provided by St. John Ambulance includes all the supplies required as part of WorkSafeBC's guidelines.

Package Includes:

  • Basket Stretcher x 1
  • Cervical Collar x 2
  • Cotton Blanket x 6
  • Head Immobilizer x 1
  • Motion Sickness Bag x 2
  • Wooden Splint Set (2 Short and 1 Long) x 1 Set
  • Velcro Straps – 7/ Set x 1 Set
  • Sand Bag (Without Sand) x 1
  • Spine Board x 1