WorkSafeBC Basic/Federal Level A Soft Bag Kit

Product Code: KIT-092-950-974
Manufacturing ID:

The new fully equipped occupational first aid kit meets the latest WorkSafeBC regulations.

The kit is ideal for the following workplaces:

  • Low to moderate hazard level
  • 2-10 workers per shift 
  • 20 minutes or less travel time to the nearest hospital

Contents come neatly in a durable, padded bag with zippered compartments to keep supplies organized and easily accessible. 

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WorkSafeBC Basic/Federal Level A Kit (Soft Bag) Contents

Antiseptic Wipes 10
Adhesive Bandages (assorted sizes) 12
Gauze Dressings, Sterile (10cm x 10cm) 14
Pressure Dressings (10cm x 16.5cm) 1
Abdominal Dressings, Sterile (7.5cm x 12cm) 1
Triangular Bandage (1.25m base) 2
Crepe Roller Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m) 1
Conforming Gauze Bandages (7.5cm) 2
Adhesive Tape (2.5cm x 4.5m) 1
Universal Scissors 1
Sliver Forceps 1
Surgical Masks 3
Face Shield 1
Latex-Free Gloves (pair) 3
CPR Face Shield with One-way Valve 1
Waterproof waste bag 1
Blanket, Emergency (Foil) 1
Pencil 1
First Aid Records Book 1


Bag Properties

(L x W x H):  10.5" x 4" x 7"  /  27cm x 10cm x 18cm

Weight: 1.85 lbs

Manufacturing ID: WS/BASIC