Emergency Preparedness Deluxe Vehicle Kit

Product Code: KIT-126-230-000
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Prepare yourself for a roadside emergency with our vehicle kit. 

Prepare you and your family for any unexpected automotive or weather-related event with the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Vehicle Kit.

You can be certain that the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Vehicle Kit will provide you with the tools you need during a roadside emergency.

The kit provides an adequate amount of food and water and is well equipped with all the necessary emergency supplies such as a wool blanket for warmth, glow sticks and a hand crank flashlight, AM/FM Radio and first aid supplies.

The Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Vehicle Kit Includes: 

Wool Blanket 1
Emergency Poncho 1
Emergency Food Bar – 3600 Cal 1
Emergency Water – 125 ml 1
Flashlight 1
Work Gloves 1
Whistle 5 In 1 1
Lightstick 1
N95 Face Mask 1
Plastic Zipper Bag 1
Pair of Latex-Free Gloves 1
Wallet First Aid Kit 1
Compact First Aid Kit 1
Plastic Bag 1
Bag (Canvas Carry) 1
AA Batteries (4/pk) 1
AM/FM Radio 1
Garbage Bags 1
Help/OK Sign 1
Reflective Triangle 1
Safety Vest 1
Emergency Glass Breaker/Seatbelt Cutter 1
Manufacturing ID: DLX EP VEHICLE