Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, XL - 100/Pack

Product Code: GLO-141-366-147
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Vinyl gloves are the most popular choice when you want increased comfort and protection for a greater period of time. Thicker than most vinyl gloves, these gloves are designed for lasting use in various industries, such as the food and medical sector. The glove is 100% synthetic, powder-free, non-sterile, and features a smooth surface for more natural tactile sensitivity. Another important feature of these vinyl gloves is that they do not contain natural rubber latex, making them a great choice for any workplace or home that may have individuals with allergies. Pair these with our wide range of PPE, and you’re all set!

Note: St. John Ambulance consistently holds a large inventory of this product at our Vancouver location, but in rare cases, it can take up to 2 weeks to fulfill the order. No returns accepted due to hygienic reasons.