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Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Vehicle Kit


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Prepare you and your family for any unexpected automotive or weather-related event with the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Vehicle Kit.

You can be certain that the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Vehicle Kit will provide you with the tools you need during a roadside emergency.

The kit provides adequate amount of food and water and is well equipped with all the necessary emergency supplies such as a wool blanket for warmth, glow sticks and a hand crank flashlight, AM/FM Radio and first aid supplies.


Content includes:

• Wool blanket

• Emergency poncho

• Emergency food bar – 3600 cal

• Emergency water – 125 ml

• Flashlight

• Work gloves

• Whistle 5 in 1

• Light stick

• N95 face mask

• Plastic zipper bag

• Glove, latex free

• Wallet first aid kit

• Compact first aid kit

• Plastic bag • Bag (canvas carry)

• AA batteries 4/pack

• AM/FM Radio

• Garbage bags

• Help/OK sign

• Reflective triangle

• Safety vest

• Emergency glass breaker/seatbelt cutter