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Emergency Preparedness Fanny Kit for Hiking/Biking

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Emergency Preparedness Fanny Kit for Hiking/Biking - St. John Ambulance

Designed specifically for hiking and biking, the Emergency Preparedness Fanny Kit equips you with the basic necessities to face injuries in the wild with ease. Feel safe knowing you have enough supplies to last you 24 hours. The EP Fanny kit boasts survival items like food and water, waterproof matches, and even a poncho to keep you dry through the night. 

All food is 100% nut free.


2 Adhesive Fabric Bandages (25mm x 72mm)  
1 Adhesive Fabric Bandage (50mm x 72mm)  
5 Adhesive Plastic Bandages (19mm x 72mm)  
3 Alcohol Wipes  
1 Fingertip Fabric Bandage (small)  
1 Knuckle Fabric Bandage  
2 Sting and Bite Pads  
1 Pair of Latex-Free Gloves  
1 Light Stick  
1 Food Bar (409 cal) 
1 5 in One Survival Aid  
2 Emergency Waters (125ml) 
1 Emergency Poncho  
1 Waterproof Matches (40/Box)  
10 Antiseptic Wipes (Benzalkonium Chloride/BZK)
1 Multi-tool  
1 Fanny Pack