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Complete Toilet Set

Product Code: P-990013

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Complete Toilet Set - St. John Ambulance

This portable camping toilet is built strong to withstand weight, and features a top-locking base with closeable lid. The toilet also comes with generic large bags, biohazard marked bags, hand disinfectant, gloves, and a roll of toilet paper. This all-inclusive model can hold up to 5-gallons of solid and liquid waste and can easily be hosed down. 

The Complete Toilet Set includes:
  • 1 removable toilet seat,
  • 1 red 5 gallon bucket,
  • 1 biohazard bag,
  • 5 toilet liners,
  • 5 toilet chemical packs,
  • 1 roll toilet paper,
  • 2 2oz bottles of hand sanitizer,
  • 1 pair of gloves.