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HeatStore Reflective Survival Sleeping Bag

Product Code: P-990010

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HeatStore Reflective Survival Sleeping Bag - St. John Ambulance

The HeatStore Reflective Sleeping Bag defeats other reflective sleeping bags on the market with its durable fabric, heat absorbency, and high visibility. Normally, a tear in a sleeping bag would run along the whole length; however the HeatStore uses a layer of aluminized PVC bonded to a layer of thin non-woven nylon fibers allows it to be lightweight, and tear resistant. Unlike most reflective bags, The HeatStore sleeping bag will absorb the sun's heat rather than reflecting it away, ensuring that you stay warm when you need it most. Keeping survival and design in mind, the sleeping bag is also designed to stand-out against the tree line and the snow with its bright orange color.