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Emergency Preparedness Add-on Kit (Home)

Product Code: P-4210-EPKADD

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Emergency Preparedness Add-on Kit (Home) - St. John Ambulance

The SJA Emergency Preparedness Basic Kit comes complete with everything one person needs for three days – but what if you're a couple? Or a family of three? You don't need three radios or three sets of extra batteries – but you definitely need more food, water, blankets, etc. for each added person. This mini-kit has all the needed supplies for an additional person – you can buy as many as you wish, transforming your basic kit for one into a complete kit for the entire family! (Image may not reflect actual product)

Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] Weight [kg] UOM
25.000 30.000 9.000 2.380 Each
1Emergency Foil Blanket
1Emergency Food Bar (3600 cal)
1Emergency Poncho
1N95 Face Mask
1Wallet First Aid Kit
1Work Glove / pairs
2Vinyl Gloves / pairs
3Light Stick 
4Plastic Zipper Bag
8Emergency Water (125ml)