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Emergency Preparedness Basic Student Kit

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Emergency Preparedness Basic Student Kit - St. John Ambulance

An essential kit for both children and youth that can easily be stashed in a backpack or a school locker, and provides the vital basics: food, water, light, warmth and hygiene: With two 400-calorie energy bars and three 4 oz. water pouches, your son or daughter will have enough food and water for a full day in the case of an emergency. Warmth is also tucked inside courtesy of the mylar reflective blanket, and dirty hands can be easily cleaned with the wet naps. Should the lights go out, the kit comes complete with a light stick.

All food is 100% nut free.


  • 1 Resealable Bag
  • 1 Reflective Blanket
  • 2 400 Calorie Millennium Food Bars
  • 3 4.2 oz. Water Pouches
  • 6 Wetnaps
  • 1 lightstick