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Emergency Preparedness Deluxe Kit (Home) /1 Person

Product Code: P-4210-EPK-BC

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Emergency Preparedness Deluxe Kit (Home) /1 Person - St. John Ambulance

It's such a relief, in an emergency situation, to have everything in one place, waiting for you. This kit boasts food and water provisions for one person, 11-in-one-multifunctional tool, first aid kit, batteries, flashlight, and so much more – all in a sturdy backpack in case you need to be on the move. Whether you're at home waiting out the year's worst snowstorm, or making a rapid evacuation during an earthquake, this grab-and-go kit has you covered for three days.

Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] Weight [kg] UOM
13.000 32.000 48.000 4.200 Each
1 Emergency Foil Blanket
1 Emergency Food Bar (3600 cal)
1 Emergency Poncho
1 Flashlight
1 N95 Face Mask
1 Wallet First Aid Kit
1 Whistle
1 Pair of Work Gloves
2 Pairs of Latex-Free Gloves
3 Light Sticks
4 Plastic Zipper Bags
8 Emergency Waters (125ml)
2 Plastic Bags
1 Backpack
4 AAA Batteries
1 AM/FM Radio
1 Compact First Aid Kit
1 Duct Tape
5 Garbage Bags
1 Hand Sanitizer
1 Help/OK Sign
1 Multifunction Tool
10 Water Purification Tablets
1 Waterproof Matches (40/Box)
1 Polypropylene Rope
1 Tarp