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WorkSafeBC Level 3 Complete Kit (w/ cotton blanket)

Product Code: P-4210-BC-CC-3

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WorkSafeBC Level 3 Complete Kit (w/ cotton blanket) - St. John Ambulance
A fully-equipped occupational first aid kit to ensure you're set for safety at work. With over 500 pieces, the WorkSafeBC Level 3 Complete kit is ideal for larger workplaces located in more isolated areas. Contents come neatly contained in a durable padded bag with zippered compartments to keep everything readily accessible and organized.
Includes all the components of our Level 2 Complete Kit plus a manual suction unit.
Please note: A Transportation of Dangerous Goods premium applies to all items defined by Transport Canada as a Dangerous Good.
Need help getting set with the right first aid kit? With a few quick questions, our team will take away the guesswork by recommending the best first aid kit for your needs. Simply call us at 1-866-321-2651, email at, or send us a quick message through the online chat feature.
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Weight [kg] UOM
13.000 Each

WorkSafe BC Level 2 Kit (Padded Case)

10 Abdominal Dressings (8” x 10”)
24 Sterile Gauze Pads (4” x 4”)
12 Triangular Bandages
4 Pressure Dressings (4” x 6”)
1 Splinter Forceps (4½”)
1 Pocket Mask
150 Assorted Adhesive Bandages
4 Adhesive Tapes (1”)
2 Adhesive Tapes (2”)
40 Antiseptic Wipes (Benzalkonium Chloride/BZK)
6 Elastic Bandage Rolls (7.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
2 Biohazard Bags
200 Non-sterile Gauze (3” x 3”)
1 Esmarch
24 Conforming Gauze (3”)
1 Wood Splint (2” x 11½”)
2 Wood Splints (2” x 9½”) 
1 Saline (500 ml)
1 Green Soap (50 ml)
1 First Aid Record Book (10 pages)
1 Pencil
6 Patient Assessment Charts
1 Penlight with Batteries
18 Pairs of Latex-Free Gloves
1 Pair of Scissors
1 First Aid Pocket Guide

+ 3 Blankets (Cotton)

+ 1 Bag Valve Mask (with oxygen tubing, mask, and oxygen reservoir)

+ 1 Manual Suction Unit (with manual suction pump, disposable collection jar, and catheter)

+1 Complete Oxygen Unit (02 padded bag, O2 cylinder - filled, regulator, wrench - if required, non rebreather mask, oral airway set)