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Winter Safety Kit


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Winter Safety Kit - St. John Ambulance

St. John Ambulance Winter Safety Kit is the perfect solution for your last minute, panicked Christmas shopping for family or friends. This safety kit has got all the essentials to keep you, your family or friends SETTM for Safety in the winters. It is packed in a convenient bag stocked with all the survival essentials to keep you warm, hydrated, and stay sustained for the first three days after an emergency.

The kit also features a pack of Instafire that lights on wet wood, snow, water and ice. Instafire contains no harmful chemicals and is stored in a waterproof pouch.

Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] Weight [kg] UOM
25.000 30.000 9.000 1.800 Each

Kit Contents:

1pc 400 cal Food Ration

3pc 125 ml Water Ration

1pc Compact First Aid Kit

1pc Emergency Poncho

1pc Heavy Duty Sleeping Blanket

1pc LED Dynamo Flashlight

1pc Instafire Fire Starter

2pc Hand Warmer

1pc Waterproof Matches

1pc 5 in1 Whistle with Lanyard

1pc Emergency Bag

Holiday Delivery: Order by phone to enquire about potential shipping delays. Call 1-866-321-2651.