St. John Ambulance Week is June 19th - 25th!

To mark St. John Ambulance Week, St. John Ambulance is celebrating their historic legacy and the efforts of their 2000+ dedicated volunteers throughout the province. 
"St. John Ambulance, one of the oldest humanitarian organizations in the world, continues to evolve and add services that improve health, safety, and quality of life. I salute the continuing work of all the dedicated volunteers in B.C., who through their passion for teaching, building, and mentoring, have helped in many capacities and many communities. Thank you for being role models and heroes for us all."
- the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of B.C. and Vice Prior of the Order of St. John.
As a charitable humanitarian organization whose roots go back well over 900 years, St. John Ambulance takes pride in knowing that communities are positively impacted through their volunteer-based community care programs. 
From programs such as Medical First Response, Therapy Dog, and Cadets, St. John Ambulance volunteers contributed over 260,000 hours in 2015 treating injuries at public events, providing youth leadership, enriching the lives of the elderly and ill, and helping children develop confidence with their reading skills. 
St. John Ambulance's charitable community services are only made possible through first aid training and product purchases, and through charitable donations. 
Purchase and donate to ensure your loved ones are SET for safety.

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