WorkSafeBC Level 2/Federal Level C Padded Case Kit

Product Code: KIT-095-950-974
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This new fully equipped occupational first aid kit meets the latest WorkSafeBC requirements.

It has all the necessary items to keep you safe at work. With over 500 pieces, the WorkSafeBC Level 2 kit is ideal for large workplaces in an urban center. Contents come neatly stacked in a padded bag with zippered compartments.

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WorkSafeBC Level 2/Federal Level C Kit (Padded Case) Contents

Antiseptic Wipes 40
Adhesive Bandages (assorted sizes) 100
Gauze Dressings, Non-Sterile (4" x 4") 200
Gauze Dressings, Sterile  (4" x 4") 24
Pressure Dressings (4.5" x 6") 6
Abdominal Dressings (8" x 10") 6
Triangular Bandage with Pins 8
Elastic Roller Bandage (3") 2
Conforming Gauze Bandages (3") 20
Quick Straps (fracture straps, zap straps) 2
Windlass Style Tourniquet 1
Adhesive Cloth Tape Rolls (1" x 5 yds) 2
Adhesive Cloth Tape Rolls (2" x 5 yds) 2
Universal Scissors 1
Splinter Forceps 1
Nitrile Gloves (pairs) 20
Surgical Masks
Face Shield
Pocket Mask with One-way valve 1
Waterproof waste bag 2
Cotton Blanket 2
Pencil 1
First Aid Records 1
Splint Set (1 x 12", 1 x 9") 1
Zap Straps 2


Bag Properties

(L x W x H):  14" x 6" x 12"  /  36cm x 15cm x 30cm

Weight: 5.8 Ibs 

Manufacturing ID: WS/LVL2/PADCS